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Our production system is based to offer the best sound quality in the magnetic reel duplication, for this reason we can offer a real time duplication 1:1 that reduce the swish of the magnetic tape normally available in the high speed industrial duplications.
we can adjust the volume of the recording with respect to your master from the peaks at 0db or increasing the volume if you want your tape to have a high volume with peaks on red at + 6-8db.

Audio cassettes :
Normally you can send us 2 tracks one per side in wav format is the best solution. In the order you can specify which type of recording volume you want, peaks at odb or more and send us information where in your master mis the higher volume so before dubbing we can adjust volumes.

Please consider a minimum tolerance of the tape length od about 1 minute per side, so when you order/send a request consider min. 1 minutes per side more of the duration of your master.

8 track tapes :
The standard recording time of an 8 track tape is 40 minutes, 60 minutes or 80 minutes. This is a continuous loop tape with 4 programs, the lenght of each program depend of the total recording time of the tape. To create a 8 track tapes we need 4 tracks, one for each program in wav format.

We will use old new blank tapes or re-used cleaner tapes, each tape is different so consider that between programs can be a little part of silence first to start a new program in the tape.

Reel to Reel tapes :
For reel to reel duplication service we use only New tapes normally used for professional analogic studios. We decide to offer two small formats 5" and 7" because is less expensive respect big reel to reel tapes but with the same tape quality. Normally we can record about 30 or 60 minutes per side.


Audio cassettes:  
-from 5 to 60 minutes per side
-different color body available solid or trasparent
-standard clear box available, colored or special cardboard packaging

8-track tapes:
-40-60-80 minutes
-normally the body of the tape are in Black, red or white color.  Used tapes can be different colors.
-Please note: we can offer only small run quantities because is very difficult to find blank tapes at good conditions!

Reel to Reel tapes:
-high quality 13cm magnetic tape: 600 ft or 1200 ft available
-Blue cardboard box with personalized sticker or direct UV digital printing.

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